Tips for Cracking PTE Academic

While preparing for PTE Academic test summarize spoken text is a question which generally confuses students. One must consider that your enabling skills of grammar spelling and vocabulary would be assessed. So, one must check the sentence structure tenses and order of the words.

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One must incorporate confident grammar structure and spell the words correctly. Re checks the punctuation and makes sure to use the correct capital letters.

Multiple choice questions are quite tricky to answer .note down the adjectives, verbs, and nouns particularly and if it is then the answer is related to this phrase.

Speaking - Repeat sentences is a skill while listening to sentences one must make sure of the intonation on the recording.

By this way, you can get the meaning and at the time of speaking speak calmly and in a clear voice copying the stress and intonation.

For obtaining a good score on the reading test, choose an article of about 250-300 words. Scan the article quickly and identify and write down the keywords in the text.

PTE Coaching in Delhi
PTE Coaching in Delhi

Develop your Vocabulary: Make sure you are aware of many words most often used in writing. Knowing extensive vocabulary is the key when it comes to succeeding on a reading test like this. If you only know few words that means you are away from the important information. The best tip is to work on your vocabulary now and understand the collocations properly.

Pay special focus on the synonyms. Try to learn 5to 10 words daily to have a better understanding of the words. Learn collocations and practice them in sentences.

More Reading tips-

Practice questions:

While practicing questions make sure that you are doing it with an evaluator who can evaluate your present score and help you to upgrade your level extensively.

Only use practice tests to assess your level. There is no point in practicing the same questions over and over. Try to understand the skill you are lacking in and pay attention to a practice that skill.

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I Hope you found these PTE Academic tips useful.


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